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The London Piano 


Research and live practice based on the work of early generations of professional pianists, including John Field, Sophia Dussek, Beethoven, and Theresa Jansen.



Work for organetto with modified tuning systems. Semi-improvised production with and without digital manipulation. Current project involves the construction of a 12-pipe microtonal organ extension.

Song of Sibyls


A multi media work based on El Cant de la Sibilla. Performed live on organetto with electronics and video, and as an installation. In collaboration with Australian artist Marlaina Read.

duo corvi

Early music ensemble specializing in music of the 13th-15th centuries.

Julie Ryning (voice and percussion)

Katelyn Clark (organetto and clavicimbalum)

New Harpsichord

Performance and commission of new works for historical keyboards. Recent works by Isaiah CeccarelliAnna Pidgorna, Linda Catlin Smith, Tawnie Olson.

Includes collaboration with Luciane Cardassi (piano): rockeys duo.

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